Maricel Soriano headed back to ABS-CBN?

Maricel Soriano headed back to ABS-CBN

The Diamond Star, Maricel Soriano has been gracing the TV screen after her tearful appearance in Comedy King, Dolphy’s funeral.

The multi-awarded actress headlined TV5’s ‘Untold Stories‘ when it changed to its primetime slot.  Her guesting was well-received and even trended on social networking site Twitter.

She then followed this up with a string of appearances in GMA 7 starting with ‘Manny Many Prizes’, ‘Hot TV’ and ‘Protege’.  She capped her appearances with a week-long stint in Chef Boy Logro’s ‘Kusina Master’.

It was earlier reported that Maricel is set to sign a contract with TV5 but it looks like that didn’t push through.  Fans thought she was signing up with GMA7 after her guestings but the actress must be waiting for the right offer before finally signing up for anything.

With the recent blind item, it looks like Maricel is heading back to her mother studio.  Nothing had been announced but her fans are already keeping their fingers crossed.

If plans do not miscarry and if the blind item is indeed referring to the Diamond Star, then that’s indeed great news.  It’s about time for the Kapamilya network to finally roll the red carpet back for the real Primetime queen.


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