Artista Academy: The Grand Cut

Marvelous Alejo, Nicole Estrada, Alberto Bruno, and Stephanie-Rowe

In one of the most shocking elimination night ever, TV5’s reality artista search cuts 4 students all in one night!

Alberto Bruno, Marvelous Alejo, Nicole Estrada and Stephanie Rowe got the biggest shock of their lives when all four of them were axed unceremoniously.

The decision was made after the four failed to make the grade necessary to stay alive in the competition.

The biggest shocker has to be Marvelous Alejo, an early fan favorite. The other three must have seen it coming.  Alberto, Stephanie and even Nicole had been lagging behind every live exams with Alberto making a perennial trip to the bottom 3 week after week.

All is not lost for the foursome as Wilma Galvante, Artista Acedemy principal announced that eliminated students will form a group called Tropang Kickout and will be given one production number in upcoming Live Exams.

The battle for the 20 million grand prize intensifies as the remaining 8 students will not only go head to head after each other, they will also have to face the wrath of Tropang Kickout.

Artista Academy airs weeknights at 9:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. on TV5.



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