Cacai Bautista and Mario Maurer: In Love?

"Beauty and the Beast" gone awry!

“Beauty and the Beast” gone awry!

Is this for real?

Boy Abunda confirmed in last Sunday’s “The Buzz” episode that Thai heartthrob, Mario Maurer is really enamored with comedienne, Cacai Bautista!  Maurer’s fans are awaiting the confirmation (or denial) from the hunky actor but Cacai had already denied the news.

In her Instagram account, Bautista said they are just good friends and appealed that everyone remain calm.  The actress has been getting a lot of nasty comments from netizens and social media circuits.  People labelled the news as “absurd”.  Some have even called the coupling an extreme case of “Beauty and the Beast”.

Oh well, I guess will find out soon enough if the rumors are true.  In any case, should Mario refute Cacai’s denial and confirm that he is indeed in-love with her, then I’ll just go ahead and kill myself!







    • hoy ang OA nyong lahat if you guys are real persons or real human beings then u should know what is the real meaning of love !!!!!!!! that’s it ., maybe u guys are too narrow minded don’t be too fool and stupid of your accusations and insecurities ., let people be happy on their own existence and happiness because in everything that happens of course there is always a reason and purpose !!!!!!!! so stop commenting like that if u r just jealous then better keep ur mouth shut !!!!!!!

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