American Idol 12: No Love for Fil-Am’s

Take a Bow, girl

Take a Bow, girl

WARNING!  Spoiler -Filled Entry!

America voted and this year’s American Idol is showing no love for Fil-Am’s.

Adriana Latonio, the last remaining Fil-Am contestant in the show bowed out after this week’s uninspired performance.

Five girls and five guys were sent home tonight, leaving the official Season 12 Top 10 to continue on singing for super-stardom. The survivors also earn the bonus of traveling the country this summer on the “American Idol” tour.


1. Amber Holcomb
2. Paul Jolley
3. Janelle Arthur
4. Burnell Taylor
5. Kree Harrison
6. Devin Velez
7. Angie Miller
8. Curtis Finch Jr.
9. Candice Glover
10. Lazaro Arbos


1. Elijah Liu
2. Aubrey Cleland
3. Cortez Shaw
4. Breanna Steer
5. Vincent Powell
6. Zoanette Johnson
7. Charlie Askew
8. Adriana Latonio
9. Nick Boddington
10. Tenna Torres

Jessica’s amazing Idol run is probably very difficult to beat.  Well, there is always next year. So, who are you rooting for this year, guys?




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