Letter from a Reader

Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time

Well I’ve been receiving a couple of emails from our readers requesting for life’s advice from me. I’m not sure why, but limme humor you by answering this email from one of my blog readers:

” I’ve been going out with my new bf for almost 5 months, I was pretty promiscous but after meeting him, I stopped seeing other guys altogether. I had my annual physical exam with our company and I found out I have std. I have been loyal to my bf but it looks he hasn’t. What to do now. I need help” -lil boy blue

So…I’m not really sure how I can help you but here’s what I will do if I were in your shoe.

First, I’d probably see a doctor and get treated, fast! STD is curable so unless you have HIV, you’ll be okay. If you are planning on confronting him save it till you get better.

The question of who infected who is immaterial, you have to ask your bf to see a doctor too. If you two have been doing unprotected sex, chances are, he has STD as well.

If you both have been living dangerously, then either of you could have infected each other. What you two should do is to get treated. Hopefully, its not the serious kind. Cross your fingers and hope for the best.


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