Ate Gay Returns to Wowowillie, Missing Ethel Booba

Ate Gay returns to Wowowillie

Ate Gay returns to Wowowillie, Ethel officially out

A week after the much-publicized back-stage incident that lead to his temporary absence from the show, Ate Gay returns to Wowowillie.

Willie agreed to take Ate Gay back at the request of Cristy Fermin.  I do not feel like reporting about this developmentn as I want both Ethel and Ate Gay to come back with Willie resigning instead.

I am still reeling from the nerve of that arrogant guy.  How dare he use his show to publicly chastised Ethel and Ate Gay when it was them that saves the show from its droll existence.

I certainly hope Ethel does not return.  She deserves so much better than being part of that sorry excuse for a show.



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