Becky Nights: Podcast Addiction

subscribe to their official channel:

subscribe to their official channel:

I started downloading the podcast episodes of the show Becky Nights through the prodding of my amazing cousin.  I didn’t know a thing about podcast before and I didn’t know how it works so it took me around a week to get down to doing it.  If you have not heard about this show, then I you are definitely missing a lot.

The gay-themed show hosted by Jake Galvez, Matt Gozun, Buern Rodriguez, Divine Lee and new addition Margaux Medina talks about a variety of topic ranging from showbiz chisms, fashion, gay love…practically anything under the sun.  It started 2 years ago so I am still in the process of downloading past episodes.  The episode featuring Ethel Booba was super funny, so if you are planning on watching or listening to the show, you may want to start with episode 1 of Season 3.  I won’t talk about the show here but I can say it’s really good!

You can listen to the live episodes every Monday at 9pm.




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