The Curious Case of Sebastian Castro

Bubble Pop?!

Bubble Pop?!

Sebastian Castro is on fire!

Fresh from his highly-popular YouTube video, “Bubble” and much-talked about coming-out admission on the Podcast Show, Becky Nights, everyone is talking about this foreign hunk, who’s only claim to fame before was being featured as one of Cosmo’s 69 Hottest guys.

With his courageous admission, Sebastian curiously found himself on his way to being a new celebrity. Netizens have mixed reaction to his bravura. Some admired him for his guts while others were a bit unforgiving.

The LGBT community is banking on Sebastian’s new-found fame hoping he becomes the newest poster boy. If he does agree then we will have a straight-looking, straight acting gay guy to represent us all. In a community led by Bebe, Vice, and Ate Gay, Sebastian is definitely a welcome change.

Unfortunately, he is now being pressured to “join the club” so to speak. Good thing is, Seb is not showing any signs of “bending” to the pressure, and he shouldn’t!

He does not have to take on the mantle unless he wants to. Sure, it will he definitely help elevate our image, but that burden is not his to bear, exclusively! If we want to “clean-up” our image, then we should all work together. It is unfair for just one guy to bring all of us up. We should start by gaining and commanding respect ourselves.

Anywho, enough of that. I wish Sebastian the best of luck! May his star continue to shine bright. For the entire LGBT community, mabuhay tayong lahat!


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