How NOT to Have a Kim-Maja Feud

Respect begets Respect

Respect begets Respect

They say in showbiz, there are no permanent friends, only permanent interests. Kim and Maja’s feud over Gerald Anderson certainly proves the wisdom of this quote.

Unfortunately, the same can happen to us normal human beings. You do not have to be a celebrity to fall in love with your bestfriend’s ex. So how do you avoid falling into the same scenario? Here’s some tips for you guys:

Unwritten Rule: Exes are Off Limits

Common decency dictates you should never, ever fall for your bestfriend’s exes. No matter how long ago the relationship has ended, stay away from any exes, even if they are as hunky as Anderson.


In relation to the tip above, exercise respect, if not for your friend, then for yourself. Remember, recycling only works with garbage!

Value Friendship

You can find millions of other guys in the world, but finding a real friend is a dime in a dozen. Think about what you and your bestie has gone through in the past. Is it really worth throwing away just for one guy? I don’t think so.

Sure, you can never tell your heart not to fall in love, but love stems from attraction and attraction begins when you allow yourself to get close to the person. Your loyalty should be with your friend. Avoid falling into the deadly trap of fixing them both up. Let your friend and the ex work out their problems together. As a friend, your goal is to support your buddy, not fall in love with his/her ex.


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