Sharon Cuneta: Desperate to be Kapamilya Once Again

Sharon Cuneta: What Now?

Sharon Cuneta: What Now?

Sharon Cuneta is making overtures to Gabby Lopez about returning to ABS-CBN after her relationship with TV5 began to turn sour.

The buzz is that Sharon had a meeting with TV5 CEO and President Ray Espinosa and the network exec told the Megastar straight to her face, “you didn’t deliver.” Mr. Espinosa was referring to the fact that Sharon had failed on her promise to re-invent her image to improve the ratings of her show.

The remark obviously peeved Sharon, and she was reported to have “made a face” at Mr. Espinosa. At that point, the meeting concluded.

The issue began to escalate after Sharon’s hubby, Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, reportedly called up TV5 big boss Manny V. Pangilinan to talk things over. But MVP reportedly sided with Mr. Espinosa.

TV5 is repackaging many of its programs this year to give the network a fighting chance against ABS-CBN and GMA-7.

ABS-CBN, however, seems not inclined to take back the Megastar. Gabby Lopez reportedly told Sharon he was the wrong man to approach because Charo Santos-Concio is now network president.

Sharon is now left between a rock and a hard place.

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  1. Sharon cannot just jump off ship because she is currently legally tied with TV5. There is going to be a breach of contract if she should insist on moving out. So what you’re publishing here is absurd and incredulous. Please post issues of interest that contain shreds of truth.

    • wake up and face the facts, Maruja. Clearly, her TV Show did not rate and the bosses of TV5 are correct in telling her that she did not deliver.
      Now, don’t talk as if jumping ship to other network even with a contract is not possible. We’ve seen other celebs do that.
      Before you tell me about the absurdities I post in my blog, let me just point out that I included the original link of the story. If you have something to say, tell that to the original writer.
      Don’t let your fan-mentality cloud your judgment.

      • Concrete evidence is far different from presumptions unless you have a copy of the contract to show that she can just make it void at her own discretion at any time she wants. But i am pretty sure that is not the case. I understand that writing articles is a way of making money but i am just hoping that it should be done with propriety.

      • Wow. Naivete at its finest.
        Anyway, think whatever you want. I’m writing the story as originally printed. Regarding her ability to buy out her contract, there should be no doubt about that.
        She is Sharon Cuneta afterall, mega-rich even before she joined showbiz, if you don’t think she can do exactly that, then you are under-estimating her value.

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