Why Heterosexuals Should Not Talk about Homosexuality

Tolerance and Acceptance

Tolerance and Acceptance

Well, this a bit late but I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking about my view on Tintin Bersola’s “Being Gay” article.

Originally, I want nothing to do with the article because obviously Tintin does not have any idea about how to raise a gay kid, partly because she is a straight parent.

This is why straight people should never talk about gayness and homosexuality. Why? Because they have no inkling what gay people go through everyday. You can argue that you have lots of gay friends but that does not give you a deeper insight on the issues, concerns, and problems of the gay community.

With that being said, we appreciate the effort of the heterosexual conmunity to discuss the topic but unless you are careful with your words, you’d end up offending a lot of gay people, just ask Miriam Quiambao. 🙂

I’m fortunate enough to have a family that tolerates and accepts my gayness. Unfortunately, there are millions out there that still suffer from the brunt of having homophobic parents and growing in a homophobic family and community. The humiliation, the pain, and the reproach still remains.

If you really wanna help us, then just accept us for who we are.


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