Solenn Heusaff:Tax Evader?

Solenn Heusaff faces Tax Evasion Charges

Solenn Heusaff faces Tax Evasion Charges

Statuesque model-actress Solenn Heusaff got the shock of her young, carefree life after hearing about the Tax Evasion case filed by BIR.

“I was shocked when I found about this,”

According to BIR, the actress made a mistake declaring her tax returns for 2011.  Solenn allegedly claimed her gross income was only 6.73 million and her taxable income only 3.3 million.

“Heussaff’s underdeclaration is more than 30 percent and is prima facie evidence of fraud.”

Solenn, visibly upset, said she had entrusted all her financial affairs to a certain person she has yet to name.

“I’ve been assured all along by people I have entrusted my financial matters to that everything was being handled correctly.”

“That is how I and my siblings were brought up by our parents – to always be correct in all our dealings.”

Solenn swore she will have the issue investigated and rectified as soon as possible.

The checks Solenn got from the companies she worked with that year: GMA Network, San Miguel Brewery Inc., Ginebra San Miguel, Penshoppe at Tape Inc., showed that she earned more than 13 million pesos of talent fees.

BIR has estimated Solenn’s tax deficiency at 3.6 milyon, with surcharge and interest.


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