Kimmy Dora: Ang Kiyemeng Prequel Movie Review

Kimmy Dora PrequelKimmy Dora is Spring Films, Quantum Films, and MJM Production’s entry to the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival and is topbilled by Miss Eugene Domingo playing twins Kimmy and Dora.

The film follows Kimmy (played by Eugene Domingo) a suma cumlaude graduate with triple degrees from Cambridge and Dora (also played by Eugene Domingo), a new acting school graduate as they participate in a rigorous internship program designed by their father (played by Ariel Ureta) in preparation to managing their family’s vast business empire.  Kimmy and Dora fight to earn the title of Best Intern while also competing for the attention of dashing Robin Bartoletti (played by Sam Milby). As if all this isn’t enough, a mysterious corporate terrorist, Bogart threatens to discredit and bring down the Go Dong Hae company.  The twins must now teamup to fight him and save their company before everything they’ve worked hard for is completely ruined.

There is no doubt that Eugene Domingo is one of the country’s prime comediennes but her efforts in this film fall short (compared to the first two films).  It looks like her heart wasn’t in the movie.  Domingo looks tired and as a result the jokes (there aren’t a lot) feel forced and tired too.  The movie tries and fails to deliver the same comedic impact the previous Kimmy Dora films delivered.  There is nothing new or exciting about this movie.  If anything, the movie feels like an exercise on mediocrity which is a shame as Domingo has shown and churned out better performances in the past.  Kimmy Dora no longer feels fresh.  The third and final installment of the Kimmy Dora series completely erased whatever the first two films managed to achieve.  The laughs are fewer and the magic dimmer.  This is a movie Domingo can do without in her acting resume. C+

As of this writing, the film’s producers are questioning the MMFF snub.  Unfortunately for them, the MMFF judges made the right call.  There is nothing award worthy in this film saved for its production value.  Domingo and the rest of the cast failed to make moviegoers connect with them.  This is a film that you watch and completely forget about once you’re out of the cinema.  Clearly, the film needed something that even we are unable to put a finger on.  If they were gunning for even a single award, this clumsy attempt at filmmaking won’t get them one.


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