Wild Kids?

What is up with kids these days? Teens Marc Gumabao and Andrea Brilliantes trended for all the wrong reasons this week.  Both ABS-CBN stars figured in separate viral photos that shocked Philippine showbiz and the internet at the same time.

Andrea Brilliantes currently stars as the younger sister of Daniel Padilla’s character in the hit remake of Pangako Sa Yo while Marc Gumabao is seen regularly in the weekly teen series LuvU.


Marco Gumabao


Andrea Brilliantes

For the sake argument, let’s say both viral photos are legit.  What could drive two seemingly innocent teens to pleasure themselves and take a photo of the deed? More importantly, where did those photos come from? Who leaked them to the public? What prompted the culprit to release the images that could possibly ruin the reputation and the lives of the two stars?

More than just the issue of the publicly released scandalous images, the bigger question is what is happening in our society today? What is causing these kids to behave in such alarming ways.

Brilliantes and Gumabao reacted differently to the supposed leaks with Brilliantes threatening to commit suicide in her Instagram account while Gumabao is categorically denying the guy in the photo was him by light-heartedly posting comments in his own IG account.

Earlier this week, Julia Buencamino,another ABS-CBN talent took her own life through hanging.  An unpublished social media posts later surfaced about the actress’ gender issues that could have prompted her to end her existence.

Truly, the price of fame is steep.


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