The iPhone 5: much ado about nothing

the new iPhone

Tech giant Apple finally unveiled its latest smartphone offering and everyone agrees: too much hype!

Prior to its official launching, several leaks have already made it out to the internet.  The leaks proved to be true as the iPhone 5 turned out to be exactly as rumors say it would be:  bigger screen, improved processor and Facetime over cellular network.

Thing is, these features are no longer new.  High-end android and windows phone already have this as standard smartphone makeup, well all except Facetime.

For all the hype it generated, the new iPhone failed to impress.

Now more than ever, the genius that was Steve Jobs is sorely missed.  Tim Cook, the new Apple CEO knew he would never match, much more surpass Jobs.  This could well be the reason he opted to put more thought to the new iPod line than the iPhone.

Cook is a businessman, and he is good at it.  Jobs on the other hand is a visionary.  He built the Apple empire with the vision of offering more to consumers than just plain texting and calling.

Apple may still be able to sell millions of the new iPhone, but in a saturated smartphone market where innovation is key, it is also a very real possibility that the new iPhone could well be the end of Apple’s glory days.




Angelica Panganiban and her new Benz

Angelica and John Lloyd: semi-confirmed?

It can now be confirmed!

My little birdie just confirmed that Angelica Panganiban’s new Mercedes Benz is indeed a gift from rumoured suitor, Kapamilya prime leading man, John Lloyd Cruz!

The little birdie added that it was Lloydie himself that picked the car with a girlish design.  Sales agents from the Shaw Blvd showroom were at first perplexed byLloydie’s choice as the car is definitely a departure from the actor’s usual choice of car.

It was only after the car was delivered to his Valle Verde residence in Pasig  for his personal inspection that they figured out it wasn’t meant for Lloydie.

The car model: Mercedez Benz SLK and the price, a whooping 5.1m!  He originally wanted the Benz SUV but was told it would take longer to be delivered and decided against it.

We have to give props to John Lloyd, guy sure knows his way to his woman’s heart.

Interestingly, Angelica’s ex, Kapamilya turned Kapatid star Derek Ramsay also gifted her with a car before, a mini cooper they named ‘Baby James Cooper’.  The car was brand new and came with upgraded mag wheels.

The car had long since been sold at a slightly lower price.

Blackberry OS for 9860 Torch 2: First Impressions

I have to say this out loud! I am in-love with my new toy!

RIM’s (Research in Motion) full-touch screen Blackberry 9860 is a wonderful addition to the BB family!

This 3.7-inch touchscreen is the largest RIM has ever made, it’s also the highest resolution, with a handy 480 x 800 pixels on display. The screen resolution is perfectly crisp and clear and does wonder to the new Blackberry OS 7!

I have had this baby for almost a week now and truthfully, I’m loving this phone every day.  I am a self-confessed crackberry and it makes me so happy that finally, RIM has managed to catch up with the competition.

Mine came with the stock OS 7.1 and being the tech-geek that I am I wasted no time updating my phone to the newest version: OS

Prior to this update, I updated it to OS which added wifi hotspot capability, among others,  to its already impressive smartphone feature.  Now, after the latest version, I’ve noticed that my phone has become more fluid, faster and much snappier than ever.  Of course, the memory boost is a much welcome change.  I had on left 108mb after downloading apps such as foursquare, wordpress, picmix and etc.  With the update, the phone memory went back to 155mb, impressive in a way that none of the apps I downloaded before were removed.

I will do a proper review of this wonderful device soon but for now, I can happily say that I have never been more proud of being a crackberry than now.



New iPhone hints at thinner screen

Apple Inc.

The next generation iPhone, referred to by fans as the “iPhone 5”, is being manufactured by Asian component makers, Dow Jones Newswires quoted unnamed sources as saying.

Its panels will use “in-cell technology” integrating touch sensors into the LCD, it said.

That makes a separate touch-screen layer unnecessary and reduces the screen thickness by about half a millimetre, Dow Jones quoted DisplaySearch analyst Hiroshi Hayase as saying.

The new technology will also boost displayed image quality, and help Apple cut costs as it would no longer have to buy touch panels and LCDs from separate suppliers, the report added.

It said Japanese liquid crystal display makers Sharp and Japan Display Inc as well as South Korea’s LG Display Co were currently mass producing panels for the next iPhone.

Apple is widely expected to launch the device in the third quarter of this year, around 12 months after the release of its hugely popular iPhone 4S — the firm’s first new product following the death of co-founder Steve Jobs.

An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment on the report or the next iPhone’s release date when contacted by AFP.

The report came amid heated competition from rivals such as Samsung, whose flagship smartphone the Galaxy S III uses a 4.8-inch (12.2 centimetre) screen that is thinner than the current iPhone.

Apple posted a $11.6 billion profit in the first three months this year, led by record sales of iPad tablet computers and iPhones — the latter surging 88 percent year-on-year.


Nokia Asha 305 ups the ante with Dual Sim Touchscreen

The Asha 305 with Dual Sim/Touchscreen

Nokia is pulling all the stops to reclaim some of its old glory back.

The Finnish phone maker is continuing its dominance over entry level, dual sim mobile phones and this time its banking on the success of its Asha lineup.

The Nokia Asha 305 (suggested retail price: P3,890) comes with the exclusive EA (Electronic Arts) Games Pack. This contains 40 free best-selling titles like Tetris, Bejeweled, Need for Speed, The Sims, and Fifa 2012 and if you that ain’t enough, you can find more games and apps like WhatsApp and Foursquare and hundreds more at the Nokia Store.

The Asha 305 also makes it fun and easy to stay in touch with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and IM. Its 2MP camera wont be converting Android and iPhone users anytime soon but its dual-sim capability with Easy Swap port and Sim Card Manager makes it a perfect choice for a spare phone.

The phone is available in four different colors: silver white, red, mid blue, and dark grey.

The single SIM version, The Asha 306 will be available in stores towards end of July 2012.


Microsoft Surface crashes during demo

Microsoft faces another setback as a video of its entry to the tablet world, Microsoft Surface, goes viral, and not in a good way.

Microsoft President Steve Sinofsky was demonstrating the company’s browser, IE 10 on the Surface when the device he was holding appeared non-responsive forcing him to reach out for a new unit before continuing with his demo.

The same thing happened to Microsoft 15 years ago when it unveiled to the world Windows 98.

Thankfully, the demo follow Microsoft’s announcement that the device is still in its beta stage and as such, hardware or software issues abound.

Unfortunately, technology today is unforgiving and Microsoft’s blunder is likely to cost diminished anticipation to their new tablet.

Watch the video here