Kimmy Dora: Ang Kiyemeng Prequel Movie Review

Kimmy Dora PrequelKimmy Dora is Spring Films, Quantum Films, and MJM Production’s entry to the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival and is topbilled by Miss Eugene Domingo playing twins Kimmy and Dora.

The film follows Kimmy (played by Eugene Domingo) a suma cumlaude graduate with triple degrees from Cambridge and Dora (also played by Eugene Domingo), a new acting school graduate as they participate in a rigorous internship program designed by their father (played by Ariel Ureta) in preparation to managing their family’s vast business empire.  Kimmy and Dora fight to earn the title of Best Intern while also competing for the attention of dashing Robin Bartoletti (played by Sam Milby). As if all this isn’t enough, a mysterious corporate terrorist, Bogart threatens to discredit and bring down the Go Dong Hae company.  The twins must now teamup to fight him and save their company before everything they’ve worked hard for is completely ruined.

There is no doubt that Eugene Domingo is one of the country’s prime comediennes but her efforts in this film fall short (compared to the first two films).  It looks like her heart wasn’t in the movie.  Domingo looks tired and as a result the jokes (there aren’t a lot) feel forced and tired too.  The movie tries and fails to deliver the same comedic impact the previous Kimmy Dora films delivered.  There is nothing new or exciting about this movie.  If anything, the movie feels like an exercise on mediocrity which is a shame as Domingo has shown and churned out better performances in the past.  Kimmy Dora no longer feels fresh.  The third and final installment of the Kimmy Dora series completely erased whatever the first two films managed to achieve.  The laughs are fewer and the magic dimmer.  This is a movie Domingo can do without in her acting resume. C+

As of this writing, the film’s producers are questioning the MMFF snub.  Unfortunately for them, the MMFF judges made the right call.  There is nothing award worthy in this film saved for its production value.  Domingo and the rest of the cast failed to make moviegoers connect with them.  This is a film that you watch and completely forget about once you’re out of the cinema.  Clearly, the film needed something that even we are unable to put a finger on.  If they were gunning for even a single award, this clumsy attempt at filmmaking won’t get them one.


Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy Movie Review


Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy (stylized as GBBT) is VIVA Entertainment and Star Cinema’s entry to the annual Metro Manila Film Festival topbilled by Vice Ganda (playing the title role/s), Maricel Soriano, Joey Marquez and Ruffa Guttierez and directed by Wenn V. Deramas

In the movie, Pia (played by the Diamond Star, Maricel Soriano) gives birth to a quadruplets in a mental institution thanks to her husband’s (Joey Marquez) domineering mother (played by Joy Viado).  Marquez soon leaves to work in the US leaving Pia and the Quadruplets behind.  His mother then conspires with her househelps to kidnap and bring two of the kids with her leaving Pia with Mark (the Bakla character) and Panying (the Tomboy).

Mark grows up harboring ill-feelings toward his two other siblings, Girlie (the Girl) and Peter (the Boy) believing that they had it good in the US while he and Panying had to literally break their back working in the farm.  The conflict begins when Peter gets sick with Hepa C and needs a suitable liver donor with Mark as the only compatible person.  Marquez decides to go back to the Philippines with Girlie and Peter hoping to find Pia and the other kids so he could get Mark to agree to donating his liver.  He also hopes to have Pia sign the divorce papers with his new girlfriend (Ruffa Gutierrez) pressuring him.

The quadruplets meet each other and Mark grudgingly agrees to donate part of his but not before Girlie gets to experience the hardships he had to endure growing up.  Girlie agrees to work on the farm so Peter can have the liver operation but swears to get even setting up the gist of the movie.

Vice Ganda delivers a passable performance with Panying and Peter but shines with Girlie and Mark.  His trademark “sarcasm” peppers the movie and never fails to elicit bouts of laughter all throughout the film.  Unfortunately, if you’ve watched his  other films (Petrang Kabayo, Praybeyt Benjamin, and Sisterakas), you’d leave the cinema wanting.  Vice Ganda did not bring anything new to movie.  This is not entirely his fault as he has very little to work on to start with.  His confrontation scene with Maricel Soriano in the hospital is worth mentioning as he successfully made us feel the pain of being left behind and having to work his ass off.  B-

Maricel Soriano proves once again why she is the country’s Diamond Star.  Her scenes at the beginning of the movie after losing her two kids was touchingly human.  In less than 5 minutes, Maricel triumphantly makes the audience feel her anguish at losing her two of her beloved babies.  Her dramatic highlights gave the film its heart.  Her MMFF 2013 Best Actress win is truly well-deserved more so because she, like Vice Ganda had very little to work on too. A-

Overall, Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy is worth its ticket price.  If you’re looking for a movie that can make you laugh, cry, and then laugh some more, the movie can definitely give you that. Catch Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy in cinemas near you today.

Maricel Soriano Proves Diamonds are Forever


Maricel Soriano , moving on

Maricel Soriano: Diamonds are Forever

Fresh from her highly successful comeback movie, Momzillas, where she co-stars with Eugene Domingo, Ms. Maricel Soriano proves that diamonds are indeed forever.

The country’s Diamond Star is set to appear in the MMFF entry, Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy with no other than super-comedian, Vice Ganda! The actress will play the role of Vice Ganda’s character in the movie with Wenn Deramas at the helm. Deramas also directed Momzillas.

The multi-awarded actress is also set to star in a solo movie tentatively titled “Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin”, a film based on Bob Ong’s book with the same title.

Fans and non-fans alike are happy to see Maricel back to doing what she does best, comedy, but also wishes to see the actress doing drama. Marya, however, said in one of her interviews that she is more focused on doing comedy.

The actress was involved in a couple of highly publicized scandals including alleged drug addiction, maltreament of househelps and an altercation with actor Gerald Anderson. The latter caused her to leave the teleserye she was set to do with him. Anderson is a homegrown Kapamilya talent. Her role evently went to Dawn Zulueta.

Fortunately for Maricel (but unfortunate for both Anderson and Zulueta), the teleserye was a flop and was taken off the air shortly after it aired. Anderson’s negative public perception was said to alienate watchers from tuning in to the show. Even Zulueta’s luminous screen presence failed to lure people to watch the short-lived teleserye.

Marian Rivera: Jumping Ship?

Marian Rivera: is she or isn't she?

Marian Rivera: is she or isn’t she?

With barely 2 months left on her contract, GMA’s prime talent, Marian Rivera is still mum about whether she’s staying with the network or jumping ship soon after her contract expires.  The rumor stared shortly after Marian bid farewell to her longtime manager, Popoy Caritativo and his Luminary Talent Management.  The actress is currently being managed by Tony Tuviera of APT Entertainment.

With Marian evading the question, GMA’s artist pool are on fire.  The network’s other female talents are all very keen in replacing Marian’s enviable position as GMA’s top primetime star.  Surely, with Marian out of the picture, these ladies now have a better and higher chance at scoring premiere acting assignments.

So is Marian leaving the network?  Will DingDong Dantes, her longtime boyfriend, be joining her too? Guess, we’ll all have to hold our breaths a little longer.

“The Voice” Philippines Intensifies

"The Voice" Philippines Premiere Telecast

“The Voice” Philippines Premiere Telecast

ABS-CBN launches the highly anticipated Philippine franchise of the “The Voice” via a primer aired last Sunday and its premiere telecast aired today, June 15.  As expected, almost all of the Philippines tuned in to tonight’s episode with netizens bombarding micro-blogging site Twitter with various reactions.

The singing competition hosted by Toni Gonzaga with sister Alex and ex PBB Teens housemate, Robi Domingo managed to keep viewers on their seat.  The biggest draw for the show however, will be coming from the show’s judges/coaches/mentors: Pop Princess, Sarah Geronimo, Tony Award Winner, Leah Salonga, Black-Eyes Peas member Apl de Ap, and rock icon, Bamboo.

The four judges started screening the first batch for the Blind Auditions.  The highlight of tonight’s show was when Thor Dulay’s rendition of the Whitney Houston classic “I Have Nothing” convinced all four judges to turn their chairs his way.  In the end, the 32-year old backup singer chose Apl de Ap.

So what can you say about the show’s premiere telecast? Hit the comment box and tell me what you guys think about it.

Solenn Heusaff:Tax Evader?

Solenn Heusaff faces Tax Evasion Charges

Solenn Heusaff faces Tax Evasion Charges

Statuesque model-actress Solenn Heusaff got the shock of her young, carefree life after hearing about the Tax Evasion case filed by BIR.

“I was shocked when I found about this,”

According to BIR, the actress made a mistake declaring her tax returns for 2011.  Solenn allegedly claimed her gross income was only 6.73 million and her taxable income only 3.3 million.

“Heussaff’s underdeclaration is more than 30 percent and is prima facie evidence of fraud.”

Solenn, visibly upset, said she had entrusted all her financial affairs to a certain person she has yet to name.

“I’ve been assured all along by people I have entrusted my financial matters to that everything was being handled correctly.”

“That is how I and my siblings were brought up by our parents – to always be correct in all our dealings.”

Solenn swore she will have the issue investigated and rectified as soon as possible.

The checks Solenn got from the companies she worked with that year: GMA Network, San Miguel Brewery Inc., Ginebra San Miguel, Penshoppe at Tape Inc., showed that she earned more than 13 million pesos of talent fees.

BIR has estimated Solenn’s tax deficiency at 3.6 milyon, with surcharge and interest.

Direk Wenn Deramas Tells the Public to “Move On”

Maricel Soriano , moving on

Maricel Soriano , moving on

Wenn Deramas, known for directing a string of blockbuster comedy has started shooting one of his dream movie, a comedy with both Maricel Soriano and Eugene Domingo no less.

Direk Wenn is ecstatic about the movie.  This marks his first time to direct his personal idol, the Diamoind Star, Maricel Soriano.  As for Marya, this will be here comeback movie after “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”.

The actress recently figured out in a high-profile showbiz scandal involving Kapamilya talent, Gerald Anderson.  An on-set altercation with the younger actor led to the award-winning actress’ departure from her teleserye with Anderson.

Ask about Maricel’s involvement in the issue, the talented director is quick to tell everyone to move on. He said that the actress chose to keep her silence and decided to move on.  Everyone to do the same.

The movie has a working title of “Oh My Mama Mia” and will mark Soriano’s return to comedy.