Letter from a Reader

Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time

Well I’ve been receiving a couple of emails from our readers requesting for life’s advice from me. I’m not sure why, but limme humor you by answering this email from one of my blog readers:

” I’ve been going out with my new bf for almost 5 months, I was pretty promiscous but after meeting him, I stopped seeing other guys altogether. I had my annual physical exam with our company and I found out I have std. I have been loyal to my bf but it looks he hasn’t. What to do now. I need help” -lil boy blue

So…I’m not really sure how I can help you but here’s what I will do if I were in your shoe.

First, I’d probably see a doctor and get treated, fast! STD is curable so unless you have HIV, you’ll be okay. If you are planning on confronting him save it till you get better.

The question of who infected who is immaterial, you have to ask your bf to see a doctor too. If you two have been doing unprotected sex, chances are, he has STD as well.

If you both have been living dangerously, then either of you could have infected each other. What you two should do is to get treated. Hopefully, its not the serious kind. Cross your fingers and hope for the best.


The iPhone 5: much ado about nothing

the new iPhone

Tech giant Apple finally unveiled its latest smartphone offering and everyone agrees: too much hype!

Prior to its official launching, several leaks have already made it out to the internet.  The leaks proved to be true as the iPhone 5 turned out to be exactly as rumors say it would be:  bigger screen, improved processor and Facetime over cellular network.

Thing is, these features are no longer new.  High-end android and windows phone already have this as standard smartphone makeup, well all except Facetime.

For all the hype it generated, the new iPhone failed to impress.

Now more than ever, the genius that was Steve Jobs is sorely missed.  Tim Cook, the new Apple CEO knew he would never match, much more surpass Jobs.  This could well be the reason he opted to put more thought to the new iPod line than the iPhone.

Cook is a businessman, and he is good at it.  Jobs on the other hand is a visionary.  He built the Apple empire with the vision of offering more to consumers than just plain texting and calling.

Apple may still be able to sell millions of the new iPhone, but in a saturated smartphone market where innovation is key, it is also a very real possibility that the new iPhone could well be the end of Apple’s glory days.



Jolibee and the Tale of the Masquerading Chick-en

Jolibee’s chick-en thigh-let

Was on my way home from an overtime in the office when I deliberated on having late lunch at either Jolibee or McDonald’s. I was craving for 2-piece burger steak so Jolibee was the logical choice.

The nearest Jolibee from the office was the one in Alphaland but seeing that it was jam-packed I decided to take the short walk to Evangelista where another of their branch is located.

By the time I got there I was already beyond famished! Instead of ordering burger steak which was what I originally wanted, I decided to order their famous chickenjoy after one of the staff told me they have thigh part.

Imagine my surprise when my order was served! The damn chicken thigh was a thigh-let! It was tiny! I asked the lady from the counter if they have something bigger and she brushed me off with a resounding no!

Seething, I took my seat and ate, silently reminding myself to cross off Jolibee from my future fastfood option.

I ended up not finishing my food. I pitied the poor thing. I couldn’t force myself to eat that chick that masqueraded as a chicken. Bummed, I left Jolibee in a huff.

Lesson learned: stick to what you’ve originally craved for, least you end up with a chicken thighlet like I did.


I found myself looking at the flying plane from the window of our office pantry.  It was flying  just above Sunflower Valley in Bicutan.

He lives nearby, I told myself.

And just like that, all the hurts from my past came flooding in, threatening to shatter my newfound peace.

I went back to that fateful day, during the fireworks competition at the Mall of Asia. We were just two of thousands of spectators who went in droves to witness the famed Pyrotechnic show. It was our third Saturday watching, and I felt even before Ken and I met tha night that something was amiss.

We were waiting for the next country’s turn, was it Spain? or the US?  I can’t remember now, but between that close to 30 minute break, I fell out of love with him.

Ken stood facing me when the fireworks started darting towards the evening sky. The moment was magical, but ours, ours lost its magic. I looked at Ken’s face, illuminated by the dancing fireworks above and found myself no longer in-love…

The weeks following that realization, I tried so hard to re-ignite the feeling, my feelings for him…but couldn’t…until I chose to disappear…like I would always do whenever I’m presented with issues I couldn’t, wouldn’t face up to.

For weeks, he tried contacting me,  he rang hundreds of times, and sent gazillions of sms, but every time, I’d just stare blankly at my phone, seeing his missed call and messages, but not bothering to read them.

Then it stopped…I didn’t know when it stopped but there were no longer any missed calls, no text messages from him.

I dialled his number, a robotic voice answered informing me that his number could no longer be reached.

Fear gripped me. I knew in my heart that Ken had given up.

A nudge from an office friend brought me back to the present, I didn’t realize I was crying until she offered me her box of kleenex.

I missed him…I miss us. Hopefully, one of this days, I’d find the courage to visit him and find closure once and for all…

Fisherman’s Farm


I have to write this down least I forget about it later.  I just want to share this really nice place me and my officemates found out last night.

Fisherman’s Farm is roughly an hour or two bus ride away from Manila. Nestled in the heart of Dasma, Cavite, Fisherman’s Farm offers a welcome respite from all the hustle of the busy city life. The resort offers rest-inducing activities such as butterfly-hunting, fishing and just luxuriating in their super-powered jacuzzi/pool.

The resort offers an escape from all things modern normally found in the metropolis. Nipa cottages with floors made of bamboo built just above the surface of the nearby pond offers an exhilirating view of the entire resort.

Now, don’t get me started on their air-conditioned rooms. The room we got was spacious and included two double-sized beds. The bedsheets and the pillow cases smell of fresh daisies. The room can accomodate around 10-15 travellers as they also provide “banigs” or mats for the rest of your friends to use free of charge!

ImageThe pool is simply magnificent. There’s a man-made waterfall, a small pool for kids connected to a huge pool for adults.

All the time I was there, I was thinking how the place brought out the romantic in me. It’s perfect for those “time alone” with your beloved, or simply bonding with your friends.

I guess one needs to experience the peace and serenity the place brings. If you want an alternative to your usual out-of-city adventure, please do yourself a favor and visit Fisherman’s Farm in Cavite because believe me, you’ll be glad you did.