Artista Academy: The Grand Cut

Marvelous Alejo, Nicole Estrada, Alberto Bruno, and Stephanie-Rowe

In one of the most shocking elimination night ever, TV5’s reality artista search cuts 4 students all in one night!

Alberto Bruno, Marvelous Alejo, Nicole Estrada and Stephanie Rowe got the biggest shock of their lives when all four of them were axed unceremoniously.

The decision was made after the four failed to make the grade necessary to stay alive in the competition.

The biggest shocker has to be Marvelous Alejo, an early fan favorite. The other three must have seen it coming.  Alberto, Stephanie and even Nicole had been lagging behind every live exams with Alberto making a perennial trip to the bottom 3 week after week.

All is not lost for the foursome as Wilma Galvante, Artista Acedemy principal announced that eliminated students will form a group called Tropang Kickout and will be given one production number in upcoming Live Exams.

The battle for the 20 million grand prize intensifies as the remaining 8 students will not only go head to head after each other, they will also have to face the wrath of Tropang Kickout.

Artista Academy airs weeknights at 9:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. on TV5.


Artista Academy: Brent Manzano expelled

Brent Manzano expelled

Is luck running out for the guys of  TV5’s Artista Academy?

Brent Manzano is the 4th scholar expelled and the 3rd guy to say goodbye from the intense artista training institute. He joins Chris Leonardo, Jon Orlando and dropout Julia Quisumbing who’s journey to stardom ended pre-maturely.

Brent’s intense acting and huge fan following fell short and he was sent packing.

Stephanie Rowe and Benjo Leoncio joined Brent in the overall bottom three. Stephanie’s inclusion came as a shock as she was one of those who delivered in the show’s Live Acting exam.

Fan favorite, Marvelous Alejo has her fans to thank for as they all came together to save her from possible expulsion.

Top scholars Vin Abrenica, Chanel Morales and Sophie Albert continue their stellar performance by consistently staying on top of the bunch.

With Brent’s exit, only 12 scholars remain, 5 of which are guys and the remaining 7 are girls.

Catch Artista Academy Mon-Fri 9pm and Sat 9:30pm on TV5.

Protégé: Andres Vasquez shines with Maricel Soriano and director Brillante Mendoza

It’s much too early to tell but if Metro Manila Protégé, Andres Vasquez play his cards right, he just might be Protégé’s first-ever male winner.

Andres was one of those few proteges who were awarded for their exemplary performance in last week’s acting exercise wherein all the proteges got the chance to act alongside the “Diamond Star” Ms.Maricel Soriano in five short films directed by Cannes Film Festival award-winning director Brillante Mendoza and written by Palanca awardee Floy Quintos.

The 21-year old protege from Metro Manila was awarded as Best Male Protege by Ms. Maricel Soriano and was also chosen byBrillante Mendoza to receive the Breakthrough Performance by an Actor Award.

A professional theater actor, Andres played up to his strengths by churning out an award-worthy performance and rose above obscurity leaving his still clueless  Protégé batchmates behind.

Apart from Andres, Elle Ramirez (Mega Manila) also received a special award for Best Female Protege and the Visayas Team for Best in Ensemble Acting.


Protégé: Reese Tayag eliminated

Reese Tayag gets the boot

North and Central Luzon protege Reese Tayag was eliminated in the said artista search, August 26 after scoring the lowest in an acting performance wherein all proteges were given the chance to act alongside the “Diamond Star” Maricel Soriano in five short films directed by Cannes Film Festival awardee Brillante Mendoza and written by Palanca awardee Floy Quintos.

Only thirty percent of the total score was based on the text votes while seventy percent was taken from the average of the scores given by the four judges — director Bert de Leon, actress Cherie Gil, GMA executive Anna Teresa Gozon-Abrogar and actor-comedian Joey de Leon. Reese, however, does not take her elimination personally against the judges.

Aside from Reese, two other proteges came close to leaving the competition. They are Vien Alen King of Mega Manila and Japs de Luna of North and Central Luzon.

One of the surprises this week was the awarding of special awards to proteges who showed commendableperformance in the short films. Maricel Soriano herself picked Elle Ramirez and Andres Vasquez (Mega Manila) as the Best Female and Best Male Proteges, respectively. Andres also received the Director’s Choice Award for Breakthrough Performance.

The Visayas team, on the other hand, received the Best in Ensemble Acting.

The special awardees were automatically saved the eliminations.

The number of proteges who survived the cut so far is down to 14, and it will even get smaller each week until the grand finals wherein only one male and one female protege will be hailed as victors.

Artista Academy: Cuts Jon, Drops Julia

Jon Orlando and Quisumbing: doomed love team

Jon Orlando is the second student to be kicked out of Artista Academy, following the elimination of Chris Leonardo last week. Julia Quisumbing, on the other hand, has been dropped out due to absences.

Jon Orlando – The Filipino-Italian from Canada failed to level up in Saturday’s Live Exam, where he landed at the bottom 5 with Brent Manzano, Nicole Estrada, Julia Quisumbing and Marvelous Alejo.

After the students’ grades from the Asian Academy of Television Arts (AATA) and the text votes were factored in, Jon received the lowest points for the week, making him the second kick-out of TV5’s reality-based artista search.

Meanwhile, Julia Quisumbing is also eliminated in the competition. The Jessica Biel look-alike has been dropped out due to absences.

With both youngsters out of the competition: Akihiro Blanco, Alberto Bruno, Benjo Leoncio, Brent Manzano,Chanel Morales, Malak So Shdifat, Mark Neumann, Marvelous Alejo, Nicole Estrada, Shaira Mae, Sophie Albert, Stephanie Rowe, and Vin Abrenica are left in the running to compete for the unbelievable 20 million total prize.

Maricel Soriano lends stellar support to Protege hopefuls

Maricel Soriano


After proving that they could sing and dance during the previous gala nights, the remaining 15 proteges will showcase their acting skills this Sunday by starring in five short films and acting alongside no less than the “Diamond Star,” Ms. Maricel Soriano.

The fate of the remaining protégés David, Ruru, Steffi, Bryan, Zandra, Mikoy, Japs, Reese, Shelley, Arny, Jeric, Thea, Vien Alen, Andres and Elle will be judged by how well they perform in this week’s task, which is to star alongside Ms. Maricel Soriano in one of five short films written by Palanca awardee Floy Quintos. The short films are directed by Cannes Film Festival awardee Briliante Mendoza.

Who among them will gain the nod of their mentors, the judges and the viewing – and voting – public? Find that out this Sunday on Protégé: The Battle for the Big Artista Break after iBilib on GMA-7.

Also, catch the daily updates about the lives of the protégés inside their training quarters in Inside Protégé, which airs weeknights on GMA Telebabad, and in the web show Protégé: Pa-Like¸ which is available via

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GMA 7’s Protégé eliminates 5 contestants tonight

GMA 7’s Protege Eliminates 5 tonight

After the nerve-wracking announcement of the Bottom 10 during the first battle night, the showdown for survival will happen this Sunday (August 19) as the ten protégés will perform on stage for a talent face-off against their own teammate.


One of the biggest events in the competition will unfold in the firstelimination night as five of the 10 protégés will leave the battle stage at the end of the show. Two protégés from each region will clash for a spot in the Top 15.

The Bottom 10 protégés are Mykel Ong and Arny Ross from South Luzon; Zandra Summer and Mitch Capili from Visayas; Vien Alen King and Kelly D. from Mega Manila; Apple Vega and Ruru Madridfrom Mindanao; and Japs de Luna and Glenn Roy from North and Central Luzon.

The competition further intensifies as each protégé will perform in front of the judges with the best talent they think will help them survive the elimination round. However, the final decisions will still come from the celebrity mentors. Viewers should look forward how each mentor will decide on whom to save and whom to let go.


Meanwhile, the Top 10 protégés who are safe from elimination will be performing together in a grand musical number. Just One Summer’sJulie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona will also have a special performance on the show.

How will the mentors face the dreadful decisions that they have to make? Who will be the five protégés to say goodbye in the firstelimination night?

Don’t miss the drama and action this Sunday, 8:30 PM on the third gala night of Protégé: The Battle for the Big Artista Break after iBilib on GMA.