Maricel Soriano Proves Diamonds are Forever


Maricel Soriano , moving on

Maricel Soriano: Diamonds are Forever

Fresh from her highly successful comeback movie, Momzillas, where she co-stars with Eugene Domingo, Ms. Maricel Soriano proves that diamonds are indeed forever.

The country’s Diamond Star is set to appear in the MMFF entry, Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy with no other than super-comedian, Vice Ganda! The actress will play the role of Vice Ganda’s character in the movie with Wenn Deramas at the helm. Deramas also directed Momzillas.

The multi-awarded actress is also set to star in a solo movie tentatively titled “Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin”, a film based on Bob Ong’s book with the same title.

Fans and non-fans alike are happy to see Maricel back to doing what she does best, comedy, but also wishes to see the actress doing drama. Marya, however, said in one of her interviews that she is more focused on doing comedy.

The actress was involved in a couple of highly publicized scandals including alleged drug addiction, maltreament of househelps and an altercation with actor Gerald Anderson. The latter caused her to leave the teleserye she was set to do with him. Anderson is a homegrown Kapamilya talent. Her role evently went to Dawn Zulueta.

Fortunately for Maricel (but unfortunate for both Anderson and Zulueta), the teleserye was a flop and was taken off the air shortly after it aired. Anderson’s negative public perception was said to alienate watchers from tuning in to the show. Even Zulueta’s luminous screen presence failed to lure people to watch the short-lived teleserye.


Direk Wenn Deramas Tells the Public to “Move On”

Maricel Soriano , moving on

Maricel Soriano , moving on

Wenn Deramas, known for directing a string of blockbuster comedy has started shooting one of his dream movie, a comedy with both Maricel Soriano and Eugene Domingo no less.

Direk Wenn is ecstatic about the movie.  This marks his first time to direct his personal idol, the Diamoind Star, Maricel Soriano.  As for Marya, this will be here comeback movie after “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”.

The actress recently figured out in a high-profile showbiz scandal involving Kapamilya talent, Gerald Anderson.  An on-set altercation with the younger actor led to the award-winning actress’ departure from her teleserye with Anderson.

Ask about Maricel’s involvement in the issue, the talented director is quick to tell everyone to move on. He said that the actress chose to keep her silence and decided to move on.  Everyone to do the same.

The movie has a working title of “Oh My Mama Mia” and will mark Soriano’s return to comedy.

How NOT to Have a Kim-Maja Feud

Respect begets Respect

Respect begets Respect

They say in showbiz, there are no permanent friends, only permanent interests. Kim and Maja’s feud over Gerald Anderson certainly proves the wisdom of this quote.

Unfortunately, the same can happen to us normal human beings. You do not have to be a celebrity to fall in love with your bestfriend’s ex. So how do you avoid falling into the same scenario? Here’s some tips for you guys:

Unwritten Rule: Exes are Off Limits

Common decency dictates you should never, ever fall for your bestfriend’s exes. No matter how long ago the relationship has ended, stay away from any exes, even if they are as hunky as Anderson.


In relation to the tip above, exercise respect, if not for your friend, then for yourself. Remember, recycling only works with garbage!

Value Friendship

You can find millions of other guys in the world, but finding a real friend is a dime in a dozen. Think about what you and your bestie has gone through in the past. Is it really worth throwing away just for one guy? I don’t think so.

Sure, you can never tell your heart not to fall in love, but love stems from attraction and attraction begins when you allow yourself to get close to the person. Your loyalty should be with your friend. Avoid falling into the deadly trap of fixing them both up. Let your friend and the ex work out their problems together. As a friend, your goal is to support your buddy, not fall in love with his/her ex.

Maja Salvador Claims She is Still Kim Chiu’s Friend


Kim and Maja: BFF No More?

Despite former BFF’s Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador’s falling out due to Gerald Anderson, Maja claims she has been and still is Kim Chiu’s friend.

“Basta ako, alam ko na alam niya na naging totoo akong kaibigan.

“At hanggang ngayon, nandito pa rin ako.”

She also said that she tried fixing the situation but it just is hard to do at this time.

“Naghihintay lang ako. Naghihintay lang ako kasi kailan lang naman ako tumigil mag-effort.

“Kahit na ano’ng mangyari, kaibigan niya pa rin ako.

“Ang pagkakaibigan, nagkakaintindihan.

“Pero nandito lang kami sa lugar ngayon, sa sitwasyon ngayon kung saan kailangan naming pagdaanan.

“Hindi ko man maibalik yung friendship na meron kami, pero sana in time, ma-realize niya, ng lahat, na nandito ako bilang totoong kaibigan.”

Maja’s long explaination is quite possibly her attempt to clear her image. Unfortunately, with a guy like Anderson, she’ll have a difficult time making the public warm up to her. After all, Anderson’s negative image has made him “undesirable number 1”. Proof of this is the public’s lukewarm reception of Anderson’s recent MMK guesting.

Here’s hoping she’d snap out of whatever power it is tge actor has got on her and realize that he is just not the guy worthy of losing a friend over.

Gumising ka, Maruja!

Maricel Soriano: All is Well

Maricel Soriano headed back to ABS-CBN

Maricel Soriano : All is well

As expected, Diamond Star Maricel Soriano’s camp is keeping their mouth tightly shut about the actress’ recent involvement in another unfortunate incident.

Silence is golden. With Network giant ABS-CBN, trying to do damage control, Maricel is already more than vindicated. If it was indeed the actress’ fault, people know her enough to expect nothing but silence. After all, Maricel has kept her name spotless without any need to defend herself.

Her stature as one of local filmdom’s most acclaimed actress deserves no less than perfection. She has worked with bigger stars before and she understands how important it is to deliver, every time, all the time. True, she could have handled things differently, but she is Maricel Soriano.

Gerald Anderson would do well and remember that unless he starts proving himself as a talented thespian, his popularity will be fleeting at best. The public has become an unforgiving spectator, looks alone will take you no where. Just ask Sam Milby.

Fans of the Diamond Star still has a lot to look forward to. The actress will have a new show to replace the one she lost. She also has a movie in the offing, with Vice Ganda and Eugene Domingo no less.

Maricel Soriano is Out

Maricel Soriano headed back to ABS-CBN

Maricel Soriano headed back to ABS-CBN

The axe has fallen, and the head that rolled is no other than that of multi-awarded actress and the Philippines Diamond Star, Ms. Maricel Soriano.

Details are still unclear about the incident that happened between Maricel and Kapamilya hunk, Gerald Anderson. As of press time, many are left in shocked and rightfully so. The “shouting” incident that shook the upcoming teleserye’s ‘Bukas na Lang Kita Mamahalin” will perhaps remain to be fooder for gossipers.

ABS-CBN has already released a statement announcing the actress’ departure from the said teleserye. It looks like the powers-that-be want to keep the details of the incident under wraps and they should. Maricel and Gerald are two of Kapamilya’s premiere talents.

Dawn Zulueta is reportedly replacing Maricel in the soap, something the former is not very keen on accepting as she is the latter’s very good friend.

For a teleserye that is still on shooting, an unfortunate accident like this does not bode well.

More about this news as details become available.

Star Magic Ball 2012: Bea Alonzo stuns

Bea Alonzo: Drop-Dead Stunner

The hottest and the brightest Kapamilya stars once again came in droves to attend the 6th Star Magic Ball 2012.  Shangri-La Hotel Makati was the venue for this year’s star-studded event.

Hosted by John Lapus, Piolo Pascual and John Lloyd Cruz, Star Magic once again handed out several awards in recognition of the stars who stood out from the rest.

And the winners are…

Drop-Dead Stunner:
Bea Alonzo

Stars of the Night:
Enchong Dee and Maja Salvador

Standout Star:
Coco Martin

Prince and Princess of the Night:
Julia Barretto and Julian Estrada

Sweetheart of the Night:
Julia Montes

Couple of the Night:
Xian Lim and Kim Chiu

Star Magic Icons:
Diether Ocampo and Angelica Panganiban

Hot Mama:
Carmina Villarroel

Hot Papa:
Gerald Anderson

Breakout Style Award:
Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo

Fab Pair award:
Maricar Reyes and Richard Poon