Artista Academy: The Grand Cut

Marvelous Alejo, Nicole Estrada, Alberto Bruno, and Stephanie-Rowe

In one of the most shocking elimination night ever, TV5’s reality artista search cuts 4 students all in one night!

Alberto Bruno, Marvelous Alejo, Nicole Estrada and Stephanie Rowe got the biggest shock of their lives when all four of them were axed unceremoniously.

The decision was made after the four failed to make the grade necessary to stay alive in the competition.

The biggest shocker has to be Marvelous Alejo, an early fan favorite. The other three must have seen it coming.  Alberto, Stephanie and even Nicole had been lagging behind every live exams with Alberto making a perennial trip to the bottom 3 week after week.

All is not lost for the foursome as Wilma Galvante, Artista Acedemy principal announced that eliminated students will form a group called Tropang Kickout and will be given one production number in upcoming Live Exams.

The battle for the 20 million grand prize intensifies as the remaining 8 students will not only go head to head after each other, they will also have to face the wrath of Tropang Kickout.

Artista Academy airs weeknights at 9:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. on TV5.


Angelica Panganiban and her new Benz

Angelica and John Lloyd: semi-confirmed?

It can now be confirmed!

My little birdie just confirmed that Angelica Panganiban’s new Mercedes Benz is indeed a gift from rumoured suitor, Kapamilya prime leading man, John Lloyd Cruz!

The little birdie added that it was Lloydie himself that picked the car with a girlish design.  Sales agents from the Shaw Blvd showroom were at first perplexed byLloydie’s choice as the car is definitely a departure from the actor’s usual choice of car.

It was only after the car was delivered to his Valle Verde residence in Pasig  for his personal inspection that they figured out it wasn’t meant for Lloydie.

The car model: Mercedez Benz SLK and the price, a whooping 5.1m!  He originally wanted the Benz SUV but was told it would take longer to be delivered and decided against it.

We have to give props to John Lloyd, guy sure knows his way to his woman’s heart.

Interestingly, Angelica’s ex, Kapamilya turned Kapatid star Derek Ramsay also gifted her with a car before, a mini cooper they named ‘Baby James Cooper’.  The car was brand new and came with upgraded mag wheels.

The car had long since been sold at a slightly lower price.

Artista Academy: Brent Manzano expelled

Brent Manzano expelled

Is luck running out for the guys of  TV5’s Artista Academy?

Brent Manzano is the 4th scholar expelled and the 3rd guy to say goodbye from the intense artista training institute. He joins Chris Leonardo, Jon Orlando and dropout Julia Quisumbing who’s journey to stardom ended pre-maturely.

Brent’s intense acting and huge fan following fell short and he was sent packing.

Stephanie Rowe and Benjo Leoncio joined Brent in the overall bottom three. Stephanie’s inclusion came as a shock as she was one of those who delivered in the show’s Live Acting exam.

Fan favorite, Marvelous Alejo has her fans to thank for as they all came together to save her from possible expulsion.

Top scholars Vin Abrenica, Chanel Morales and Sophie Albert continue their stellar performance by consistently staying on top of the bunch.

With Brent’s exit, only 12 scholars remain, 5 of which are guys and the remaining 7 are girls.

Catch Artista Academy Mon-Fri 9pm and Sat 9:30pm on TV5.

Maricel Soriano is’s Most Beautiful Celebrity over 35

Maricel Soriano

After a month long poll, the Diamond Star, Maricel Soriano is the femalenetwork’s top pick for Most Beautiful Celeb Over 35.

Maricel got 47,041 out of the 179,707 total votes (26.17 percent)!

The Diamond Star edged out early voting frontrunners, Agot Isidro, ‘Walang Hanggan‘ lead Dawn Zulueta and Kapatid stunner Alice Dixson!

Maricel began her career at the tender age of six in the 1971 film My Heart Belongs to Daddy, starring Tirso Cruz III. She gained fame in the show long-running comedy sitcom John en Marsha, where she played the role of Shirley Puruntong opposite screen legends Dolphy and Nida Blanca. Maricel may have been initially known for her comedic chops, but she is definitely one of the most versatile female artists in the country. Not only does she have a long string of notable action, drama, and horror movies in her impressive filmography, but she can also sing and dance.

Maricel has been the recipient of some of the country’s most prestigious awards in the field of entertainment, such as the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) awards, which she has received thrice. She is also the third most awarded Filipina actress to date.


Artista Academy: Cuts Jon, Drops Julia

Jon Orlando and Quisumbing: doomed love team

Jon Orlando is the second student to be kicked out of Artista Academy, following the elimination of Chris Leonardo last week. Julia Quisumbing, on the other hand, has been dropped out due to absences.

Jon Orlando – The Filipino-Italian from Canada failed to level up in Saturday’s Live Exam, where he landed at the bottom 5 with Brent Manzano, Nicole Estrada, Julia Quisumbing and Marvelous Alejo.

After the students’ grades from the Asian Academy of Television Arts (AATA) and the text votes were factored in, Jon received the lowest points for the week, making him the second kick-out of TV5’s reality-based artista search.

Meanwhile, Julia Quisumbing is also eliminated in the competition. The Jessica Biel look-alike has been dropped out due to absences.

With both youngsters out of the competition: Akihiro Blanco, Alberto Bruno, Benjo Leoncio, Brent Manzano,Chanel Morales, Malak So Shdifat, Mark Neumann, Marvelous Alejo, Nicole Estrada, Shaira Mae, Sophie Albert, Stephanie Rowe, and Vin Abrenica are left in the running to compete for the unbelievable 20 million total prize.

Claudine Barreto:Falling too fast, too soon?

Claudine Barreto: Untold Stories

Claudine Barreto, once Star Cinema and ABS-CBN’s prized talent could be seeing her star fade faster than she imagined.

GMA 7 CEO Felipe Gozon confirmed what everyone had been speculating about for months.  They have chosen not to renew her contract.

Claudine originally signed a 2 year exclusive contract with the Kapuso Network that ended November last year.  Unfortunately for the embattled actress, GMA 7 did not renew her contract after it expired.

When asked if the decision to not renew Claudine’s contract had something to do with her and husband Raymart Santiago’s involvement in the NAIA scandal, Gozon said no and simply said: “iyon ang desisyon ng inampalan” “that’s what the panel decided”

But the bad news just kept on coming. In a text message sent by TV5’s Head of Creative and Entertainment productions, Percy Intalan, he said that they do not have any long-term plans for the actress.

“Claudine just taped one episode of Untold Stories. Beyond that, we have no long term plans.”

It had been previously reported that Claudine’s home studio of 17 years, ABS-CBN and its Talent Arm, Star Magic had firmly made their decision not to take the beleaguered actress back.

Star Magic head Mariole Alberto confirmed that Claudine called Mr. M on his birthday last February 11, but that the latter would not speak to Claudine.

When asked if Claudine had tried to return to ABS-CBN, however, Ms. Alberto “waved the question away” and said: “The point is, it’s better that you let them go and they choose to stay.”


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Claudine Barreto’s ‘Untold Stories’

Claudine Barreto: Untold Stories

TV5 is pulling no stop in beefing up their weekend primetime block.

After the Diamond Star, Maricel Soriano and Superstar, Nora Aunor, the Kapatid network is set to capture primetime viewers with Claudine Barreto’s return to the small screen.

Kapuso-turned Kapatid (?) star Claudine Barretto is starring in an episode of TV5′s “Untold Stories” which is set to air this Saturday.

Barretto will portray the role of a battered wife in the episode titled “Bugbog Sarado.” She will star alongside Jay Manalo who will play the role of her husband.

This is Claudine’s first foray into serious drama with her in the lead.  Claudine’s return to TV drama is something she does best.  Afterall, she was once ABS-CBN’s primetime queen.

The controversial actress’ star waned drastically after headlining a couple of forgettable shows in GMA 7.

“Untold Stories” starring Claudine Barretto is set to air at 9:30pm this Saturday, August 25, on TV5.

Watch the trailer here: