Paulo Avelino Irks EnPress

Paulo Avelino, the crooner?

Paulo Avelino, the crooner?

Hunky actor Paulo Avelino is now in hot waters after members of the Entertainment Press Club got offended with the “joke” he blurted out while presenting an award for the 2013 Golden Screen Award.

The actor was asked by Press Club officials to present the award for “Outstanding Single Performance by an Actor and Actress”.  The actor earlier accepted his award for “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Program” sharing the honor with Niel Ryan Sese.

Paulo did not readily accept the responsibility telling Press Members to talk to his manager Leo Dominguez and to Star Magic, his handler.  Dominguez said yes and the actor went on stage to present the award.

The actor then dropped the bomb before presenting by saying “mahirap magtrabaho kung napipilitan ka lang.”

“It’s hard to work when you’re forced.”

Enpress members and several other media reporters were shock to hear the actor’s acidic comment.

Dominguez was quick to issue an apology for his ward’s comment.  He said the actor meant it as a jest and that Avelino is prone to making corny jokes.

Jun Nardo, Enpress President, is still fuming mad even after the apology.

““Pagmimitingan pa namin ‘yan. Madaming members ang na-offend eh. Napanood pa ng ibang writers, kaya buwisit din sila.

“Hindi naman Supporting Actor sa Comedy award niya para sabihin ‘yun jokingly. How ungrateful!!”

“We’ll still talk about that.  A lot of our members got offended.  Some writers saw what happened so they’re really upset.”

“He didn’t win an Award for Supporting Actor in a Comedy Role to say that as a joke.  How ungrateful.”

Could it be the Avelino’s premature successes have already bloated his ego? Did he want the committee to pay him for his trouble?

Paulo, don’t you think it’s too early to start showing your REAL color?