Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy Movie Review


Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy (stylized as GBBT) is VIVA Entertainment and Star Cinema’s entry to the annual Metro Manila Film Festival topbilled by Vice Ganda (playing the title role/s), Maricel Soriano, Joey Marquez and Ruffa Guttierez and directed by Wenn V. Deramas

In the movie, Pia (played by the Diamond Star, Maricel Soriano) gives birth to a quadruplets in a mental institution thanks to her husband’s (Joey Marquez) domineering mother (played by Joy Viado).  Marquez soon leaves to work in the US leaving Pia and the Quadruplets behind.  His mother then conspires with her househelps to kidnap and bring two of the kids with her leaving Pia with Mark (the Bakla character) and Panying (the Tomboy).

Mark grows up harboring ill-feelings toward his two other siblings, Girlie (the Girl) and Peter (the Boy) believing that they had it good in the US while he and Panying had to literally break their back working in the farm.  The conflict begins when Peter gets sick with Hepa C and needs a suitable liver donor with Mark as the only compatible person.  Marquez decides to go back to the Philippines with Girlie and Peter hoping to find Pia and the other kids so he could get Mark to agree to donating his liver.  He also hopes to have Pia sign the divorce papers with his new girlfriend (Ruffa Gutierrez) pressuring him.

The quadruplets meet each other and Mark grudgingly agrees to donate part of his but not before Girlie gets to experience the hardships he had to endure growing up.  Girlie agrees to work on the farm so Peter can have the liver operation but swears to get even setting up the gist of the movie.

Vice Ganda delivers a passable performance with Panying and Peter but shines with Girlie and Mark.  His trademark “sarcasm” peppers the movie and never fails to elicit bouts of laughter all throughout the film.  Unfortunately, if you’ve watched his  other films (Petrang Kabayo, Praybeyt Benjamin, and Sisterakas), you’d leave the cinema wanting.  Vice Ganda did not bring anything new to movie.  This is not entirely his fault as he has very little to work on to start with.  His confrontation scene with Maricel Soriano in the hospital is worth mentioning as he successfully made us feel the pain of being left behind and having to work his ass off.  B-

Maricel Soriano proves once again why she is the country’s Diamond Star.  Her scenes at the beginning of the movie after losing her two kids was touchingly human.  In less than 5 minutes, Maricel triumphantly makes the audience feel her anguish at losing her two of her beloved babies.  Her dramatic highlights gave the film its heart.  Her MMFF 2013 Best Actress win is truly well-deserved more so because she, like Vice Ganda had very little to work on too. A-

Overall, Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy is worth its ticket price.  If you’re looking for a movie that can make you laugh, cry, and then laugh some more, the movie can definitely give you that. Catch Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy in cinemas near you today.


Maricel Soriano Proves Diamonds are Forever


Maricel Soriano , moving on

Maricel Soriano: Diamonds are Forever

Fresh from her highly successful comeback movie, Momzillas, where she co-stars with Eugene Domingo, Ms. Maricel Soriano proves that diamonds are indeed forever.

The country’s Diamond Star is set to appear in the MMFF entry, Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy with no other than super-comedian, Vice Ganda! The actress will play the role of Vice Ganda’s character in the movie with Wenn Deramas at the helm. Deramas also directed Momzillas.

The multi-awarded actress is also set to star in a solo movie tentatively titled “Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin”, a film based on Bob Ong’s book with the same title.

Fans and non-fans alike are happy to see Maricel back to doing what she does best, comedy, but also wishes to see the actress doing drama. Marya, however, said in one of her interviews that she is more focused on doing comedy.

The actress was involved in a couple of highly publicized scandals including alleged drug addiction, maltreament of househelps and an altercation with actor Gerald Anderson. The latter caused her to leave the teleserye she was set to do with him. Anderson is a homegrown Kapamilya talent. Her role evently went to Dawn Zulueta.

Fortunately for Maricel (but unfortunate for both Anderson and Zulueta), the teleserye was a flop and was taken off the air shortly after it aired. Anderson’s negative public perception was said to alienate watchers from tuning in to the show. Even Zulueta’s luminous screen presence failed to lure people to watch the short-lived teleserye.

Direk Wenn Deramas Tells the Public to “Move On”

Maricel Soriano , moving on

Maricel Soriano , moving on

Wenn Deramas, known for directing a string of blockbuster comedy has started shooting one of his dream movie, a comedy with both Maricel Soriano and Eugene Domingo no less.

Direk Wenn is ecstatic about the movie.  This marks his first time to direct his personal idol, the Diamoind Star, Maricel Soriano.  As for Marya, this will be here comeback movie after “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”.

The actress recently figured out in a high-profile showbiz scandal involving Kapamilya talent, Gerald Anderson.  An on-set altercation with the younger actor led to the award-winning actress’ departure from her teleserye with Anderson.

Ask about Maricel’s involvement in the issue, the talented director is quick to tell everyone to move on. He said that the actress chose to keep her silence and decided to move on.  Everyone to do the same.

The movie has a working title of “Oh My Mama Mia” and will mark Soriano’s return to comedy.

Maricel Soriano: All is Well

Maricel Soriano headed back to ABS-CBN

Maricel Soriano : All is well

As expected, Diamond Star Maricel Soriano’s camp is keeping their mouth tightly shut about the actress’ recent involvement in another unfortunate incident.

Silence is golden. With Network giant ABS-CBN, trying to do damage control, Maricel is already more than vindicated. If it was indeed the actress’ fault, people know her enough to expect nothing but silence. After all, Maricel has kept her name spotless without any need to defend herself.

Her stature as one of local filmdom’s most acclaimed actress deserves no less than perfection. She has worked with bigger stars before and she understands how important it is to deliver, every time, all the time. True, she could have handled things differently, but she is Maricel Soriano.

Gerald Anderson would do well and remember that unless he starts proving himself as a talented thespian, his popularity will be fleeting at best. The public has become an unforgiving spectator, looks alone will take you no where. Just ask Sam Milby.

Fans of the Diamond Star still has a lot to look forward to. The actress will have a new show to replace the one she lost. She also has a movie in the offing, with Vice Ganda and Eugene Domingo no less.

Maricel Soriano is Out

Maricel Soriano headed back to ABS-CBN

Maricel Soriano headed back to ABS-CBN

The axe has fallen, and the head that rolled is no other than that of multi-awarded actress and the Philippines Diamond Star, Ms. Maricel Soriano.

Details are still unclear about the incident that happened between Maricel and Kapamilya hunk, Gerald Anderson. As of press time, many are left in shocked and rightfully so. The “shouting” incident that shook the upcoming teleserye’s ‘Bukas na Lang Kita Mamahalin” will perhaps remain to be fooder for gossipers.

ABS-CBN has already released a statement announcing the actress’ departure from the said teleserye. It looks like the powers-that-be want to keep the details of the incident under wraps and they should. Maricel and Gerald are two of Kapamilya’s premiere talents.

Dawn Zulueta is reportedly replacing Maricel in the soap, something the former is not very keen on accepting as she is the latter’s very good friend.

For a teleserye that is still on shooting, an unfortunate accident like this does not bode well.

More about this news as details become available.

Maricel Soriano headed back to ABS-CBN?

Maricel Soriano headed back to ABS-CBN

The Diamond Star, Maricel Soriano has been gracing the TV screen after her tearful appearance in Comedy King, Dolphy’s funeral.

The multi-awarded actress headlined TV5’s ‘Untold Stories‘ when it changed to its primetime slot.  Her guesting was well-received and even trended on social networking site Twitter.

She then followed this up with a string of appearances in GMA 7 starting with ‘Manny Many Prizes’, ‘Hot TV’ and ‘Protege’.  She capped her appearances with a week-long stint in Chef Boy Logro’s ‘Kusina Master’.

It was earlier reported that Maricel is set to sign a contract with TV5 but it looks like that didn’t push through.  Fans thought she was signing up with GMA7 after her guestings but the actress must be waiting for the right offer before finally signing up for anything.

With the recent blind item, it looks like Maricel is heading back to her mother studio.  Nothing had been announced but her fans are already keeping their fingers crossed.

If plans do not miscarry and if the blind item is indeed referring to the Diamond Star, then that’s indeed great news.  It’s about time for the Kapamilya network to finally roll the red carpet back for the real Primetime queen.

Old magazine cover of ’80s Regal Babies goes viral

Maricel Soriano and the other Regal Babies

Can you name all nine?

An old but still very much colorful photo of a cover page from an ’80s issue of the long defunct Movie Flash magazine went viral on social media Tuesday, featuring nine young actresses then under contract with Regal Films in all their youthful glory.

Starring Janice De Belen, Maricel Soriano, Gretchen Barretto, Jackie Lou Blanco, Nadia Montenegro, Arlene Muhlach, Manilyn Reynes, Kristina Paner and Sheryl Cruz, the cover was originally uploaded by a Facebook fan page dedicated to Maricel with this caption: “Rare cover Page with the Regal Babies in the ’80s ~ admin em.”

The photo was immediately shared across Facebook and Twitter and as of this posting has 2,621 likes and 407 shares from Maricel’s fan page alone.

In his comment on the photo, Facebook user Ronaldo Navarro posted, “iba talaga mga artista noon. everyone has a distinct look apart frm others. ngayon iisa na hitsura mga artista!”

Mike Herrera could not help but wax nostalgic with his comment, “ang lovelife ni gretchen nuon si joey janice nag ON na sila ni aga muhlach, hanggang sa ipanganak nya si Iggyboy nung 1987, big scandal yun at that time.”

For his part, veteran movie scribe Cesar Evangelista went on record by posting, “MEMORIES! That’s OUR magazine at GASI Publications where I used to be the Managing Editor of Movie FLASH. Those were the days, friends.”

As for the Regal Babies themselves, Nadia Montenegro was laughing in her tweet when Ruby Rodriguez called her attention to the FB post.
“Hahahahaah…Aliw naman!! Ang papayat pa namin ni muhlach. Hahahaha. Tnx mare,” Nadia tweeted.

And when her own Twitter follower showed her the photo, Janice De Belen could only exclaim, “GRABE NAMAN TO! Ang luma.”