An awkwardly cute Sarah G. Live

Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo

Tonight’s airing of Sarah G, Live brought much anticipation with the guesting of Pambansang Babe, Gerald Anderson!

But before that, Sarah treated the live audience with an electrifying tribute to her music idol, Michael Jackson.  The Popstar sang a medley of Jackson’s greatest hits prompting an outburst of applause from the appreciative audience.

Then came the big moment, and for all the energy Sarah gave out during her opening number, she could well be venting out all that pent-up excitement or frustration.

Luis Manzano, Sarah’s co-host, had the two go through what can only be described as the corniest sit-down interview ever.  Sarah and Gerald looked ill-at-ease and downright uncomfortable but showed great professionalism by completing the painfully annoying segment without walking out.

Before the interview ended though, Gerald said this to Sarah and left everyone buzzing:

“Time lost may never be found again.”

In the end, what the fans may have wanted said, the two may have confirmed through actions, with Sarah closing the show with a heart-warming number, hand intertwined with her babe.


Sarah Geronimo: Show Must Go On

Sarah Geronimo

The show must go on for multi-media superstar Sarah Geronimo!

The popstar staged  her second 24/SG Concert at Araneta Coliseum yesterday, July 21 despite heavy downpour courtesy of tropical storm Ferdie.

The 24-year-old singer was making her way down a flight of steps on stage before slipping in front of the crowd as she performed “And I am Telling You.”

Always the consummate professional, Sarah went ahead singing the song much to the delight of the jam-packed audience.

“Buwis buhay ‘yun ha!,” said Sarah after some spiels.

Worth noting though was the notable absence of Gerald Anderson, Sarah’s most avid suitor.  Backstage, Sarah revealed that she had no idea why the actor didn’t make it to her concert.  When asked whether the hunky actor advised her of his absence, Sarah nonchalantly quipped that he doesn’t have to.  She did add that he will be guesting on her Kapamilya show Sarah G. Live! tonight.

Watch out for Gerald Anderson as he makes his appearance later.

Here’s the link to the video.