Sharon Cuneta reacts yet again

Sharon Cuneta reacts to news about her show getting axed

The Megastar (or is it Negastar now?) is on the roll once again.

After hugging the limelight for all the wrong reasons a few months back, Megastar Sharon Cuneta is again doing what she does best recently, react to blind items!

A blind item from Fashionpulis has the Megastar taking to Twitter for the nth time to deny that her new show Sharon, Kapatid Mo will get axed real soon due to very low ratings.  According to the blind item, management has already sent a memo instructing the production to plan the remaining episodes, including the finale and that a replacement show is already being planned.

Sharon has this to say:

“There is a website that has posted yet another ‘article’ about obviously, me. I want to assure you all that there is absolutely no truth to this.

“My bosses text me all the time and we are very happy with the show. All new shows struggle in the beginning because televiewers have developed habits that you have to pray you are able to change and it takes time to get used to watching a new show regularly until it too, becomes a habit of viewers.

Reports of the actress going through some sort of depression had littered Philippine showbiz in the past.  The actress herself regularly updates her twitter followers with her personal thoughts on her life, some of which aren’t too rosy or encouraging to read.

Insiders say that the Megastar has lost her luster.  Could she be taking this information negatively?

Even the greatest stars fade into oblivion to make way for new stars to emerge.  This is just how things go in showbiz, but if you’ve done enough to leave your own personal mark, then you go out with your dignity intact.  Sharon could do well to remember this. has the complete transcripts of Sharon’s Twitter Post.


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